Complete In-House Audio Visual Services For Your Hotel or Resort

Five-Star AudioVisual has been delivering premium in-house audiovisual solutions for the hospitality industry for over two decades. Our clientele ranges from elite hotels and upscale resorts to well-known corporations and convention centers all across the United States and Canada. We specialize in providing highly personalized services to meet the individual needs of our contracted clients. Our exclusive “true partnership” philosophy leads to enhanced financial performance and long-term successes.

This large-scale experience and single-client focus means that when you partner with us, you benefit from our full-service approach to hospitality audiovisual management. Our skilled audiovisual experts become an extension of your team, creating cutting-edge systems that integrate every aspect of your overall vision.

We offer unmatched design and technology to seamlessly blend your audiovisual systems with your décor, character, and culture. We create harmony between the technology, aesthetics and ambience of the surroundings to enhance every experience for your guests.

The Exclusive Five-Star Audio Visual Program Includes:

  • Progressive presentation technology that evolves as needs change or new innovations arise, with leading equipment from the finest manufacturers

  • Custom accessory and décor design that is personally handcrafted to match the ambiance of your hotel or resort (including the woods, tones, textures, colors and themes)

  • Multi-level Five-Star AudioVisual Training and Certification program for all staff

  • Quarterly quality assurance programs conducted with our partners and clients

  • True partnership commission plan that offers increased ROI

  • Ongoing financial performance and revenue development

  • You deserve a partner who is as passionate about your success as you are. See our galleries for inspiration and contact us to discover what we can do for your business.