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As We All Know, Hosting A Meeting Is No Small Investment

When the message delivered by presenters is not captured by the audience the return on investment is impacted significantly. Even in the most attentive of states, attendees are only capable of retaining a fraction of the information. University studies have shown that only 5% of information is retained in the lecture environment, 10% is retained with reading material or handouts and up to 20% is retained with basic audiovisual support.

Overall, the brain is not capable of simultaneously taking notes and listening to the presenter’s next comments. Add to that, the numerous distractions that exist with cell phones, email and inability to see the slides due to formatting, creates further challenges with ensuring that your message is retained. 

Maximize Your Environments Benefits

With meetings and events supported by our on-property team of audiovisual experts, Five-Star offers you and your customers a distinct advantage in the meeting place.

We provide a potent combination optimized learning and experiential meeting environments that maximize audience focus, attention, and retention of information presented at group meetings of any size.

Introducing the

Five-Star Experiential Method™

With Five-Star as your on property audiovisual provider, our exclusive “Five-Star Experiential Method” is an on property standard. We provide your clients with significant measurable increases in both retention of information and return on investment thanks to our specialty audiovisual services that are crafted to optimize learning and retention. We use the latest neuroscientific data available to amplify intellectual and cognitive performance with all presenters and attendees alike.

Partnering with Five-Star provides you and your important customers access to our Experiential Method™,  which will help to differentiate yourself against other hotels in your comp set. Our unique methodology raises retention of presenter content beyond traditional statistics, raising the ROI on meeting investment exponentially. 

Learning environments that will enhance group bookings for hoteliers while simultaneously providing the highest ROI for meetings.