Beyond the </br>Showroom

With the occurrences of inventory theft, vehicle and property damage on the rise, mitigating your risk requires more than adding a few cameras. Five-Star is revolutionizing loss-prevention by developing a security platform for automotive dealerships that’s designed for total incident avoidance.

Monitored Surveillance

Superior real-time surveillance at a fraction of the cost of on-site guards.

Risk Management Data

Receive daily metrics on trends and operations which can identify vulnerabilities.

Facial Recognition

Cutting edge technology that continuously matches multiple lists and sends alerts automatically.

Access Controls

Keep your facilities fully secure while remaining and inviting environment to customers.

Investigations and Reporting

Comprehensive reporting on every action, incident, or operation taking place at your facility.

Law Enforcement Integration

Direct and comprehensive dispatch to authorities with video to police devices.

5.9 Billion

Lost to motor vehicle thefts (US) in 2016.


Increase in vehicle thefts in 2016 (vs. 2015)


24/7 Access, Monitoring, and Alerts

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